The WSM’s appreciation of its customers, partners and employees is an important foundation of its business success. In addition to the quality and competitiveness of its products, good relationships are essential for its sustainable growth.

With RDS France we intend to support our client contractors. In terms of equipment, we always have at least one solution for each challenge ... very special equipment for easier and safer work.

Railway works are our main activity. Since ONCF, which is one of the most demanding operators in the world, has chosen to develop high speed network, we have decided to invest in human capital and know-how. Thus, the relationship with our customer is a daily challenge and so, we always have to meet expectations.

With a diversified equipment park, we are able to take care of your civil and earthworks projects under several formulas: Equipment rental, subcontracting or other. We have experience in major projects such as motorways, high-speed rail (LGV), ports ... etc.

Nowadays we are able to supply you with hydraulic hammer spare parts of any type. Components are manufactured by our Austrian partner WSM GMBH, according to European standards. We don’t stock, we process real time orders.

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